Please note – Permission to detect on any land can only be given by the landowner

Landowners – Are you interested in the history of your land?abstract-autumn-backgrounds-beautiful.jpg

South West England is steeped in Celtic, Roman and Medieval history.
Dorset, especially, has a vast amount of ancient history and occupation that spans throughout the ages.
There are treasures, coins and artefacts lying undiscovered throughout the land and if not detected and recovered may be lost forever.
Many of these items are of considerable historical interest and, when saved from the earth, can serve to enrich and educate our future generations. In addition, numerous members of our club have also had treasure finds. These are finds that are deemed treasure within the “Treasure Act” and must be declared to the Landowner and the Coroner (as required by law). Such Treasure Act finds can realise considerable monetary values, of which the finder and the landowner both benefit from on an agreed 50/50 basis.

OK, as a Landowner I might be interested – is there anything else that might persuade me?
For your peace of mind, and as a responsible club, we ensure that every club member is registered with the NCMD (National Council for Metal Detecting).
NCMD membership requires adherence to a strict code of conduct and membership includes up to £10 million public liability insurance when detecting on land where permission has been given by the landowner.

Weymouth and Portland Metal detecting Club also raises money for good causes.
Over the years the club has donated to a whole range of charities including the dorset-and-somerset-air-ambulance-charityDorset and Somerset Air Ambulance which receives no direct funding from the Government, or the National Lottery, so relies entirely on the generosity of the public for support. We feel this is a very worthy fund raising cause as many farmers and landowners are located in rural areas, miles away from a hospital and with poor road links. In a real emergency the Air Ambulance Service is crucial for saving lives for those working and living in our rural areas.

If you are a landowner and may consider giving permission to detect, please get in touch by clicking the contact page