• How do I contact the club?
  • Who governs the club:
    We are affiliated with the National Council for Metal Detectorists and follow their guidelines. As a club we work closely with the Dorset County Council Metal Detectorists Liaison Scheme, for reporting finds of importance and always follow their guideline of the Portable Antiquities Scheme. By doing this we help to preserve our heritage for future generations to enjoy. Membership to the liaison scheme is open to all bona fide members. The annual cost of membership for the club is twenty pounds, which includes NCMD insurance. Visitors are expected to make a donation of two pounds on entry at each monthly club meeting.
  • I am a landowner. How do we agree on finds and values?
    If you are a farmer in Dorset, Wiltshire or Somerset who would allow club members to search your land, we would love to hear from you. We are a responsible club, and we are happy to share our finds on a 50/50 basis. Please contact the Club Chairperson with your details via email:
  • I have lost my wedding ring; can you find it for me?
    Members are certainly quite willing to give it a go. Please contact  the Club Chairperson by email: or use our contact form 


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